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We invite you to write to our women about that moment of your life when everything seemed to have come to an end but just then, out of nowhere, kindness appeared in some form and brought you back to life. Your letters will fuel their journey forward. You can post a handwritten letter, or a social media comment, video or even an audio recording on our online handles.

We will document your story and share it with all women at Kshamata who are looking for hope in the form of a letter or a video screening.

For all the people going through a dark period in their lives right now, would you share your story?

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Donate Money

Support us in strengthening our tools. Part of your donation goes in expanding Kshamata’s group homes and part of it in strengthening our IMIB Model. This Model will then be deployed at every anti-trafficking support organisation.

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Rajmohan, Trustee

“It is very important for us that these women become independent – earning their own money, staying on their own and living their own lives. We have to be the enablers for them to undertake this transformation themselves, whatever time it may take.”

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Ram, Trustee

“In 2016-17, we saw women moving out of Kshamata supported group stay homes to their own homes, beoming truly independent, but still maintaining their link with us.”

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Mona Almeida, Trustee

“It has been a journey for all us, staff, trustees, volunteers and the women of Kshamata. We all have evolved together and experienced the pangs of growth and the euphoria after that.”