Sahayog – meaning cooperation, is the outreach programme run by Kshamata, working with various shelter homes in and around Mumbai.


Saksham – meaning skilled, able – is an intensive programme for selected women who are out of the shelter homes.


Swaadheen – meaning independent – aims at enabling women to live independently on their own.


Samudyam is Kshamata’s social enterprise initiative, aimed at providing a sheltered employment approach to selected women, prior to their independent placement.

Media Articles

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Kshamata teaches skills to women in observation homes and helps them set up home

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Survivor finds freedom in her one-room Mumbai flat

FCRA Donations

Kshamata FCRA Number:    083990245 dated 1 May 2015
Year 2016-17 Year 2017-18
Donors Amount Amount
Kindled Spirit UK 682,950.00 1,179,140.00
BrightEyes Organisation Inc 697,414.88 867,707.21
Stichting OO&BW 209,542.00 618,900.00
World Harvest Christ 122,238.71
Nilnayan Shah 78,750.00
Raven + Lily Inc 467,993.00 62,430.00
Oniel John D’Souza 10,000.00
Techint Pvt Ltd. 350,000.00
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Bayer India Ltd. 918,000.00
Small donations 24,240.40 1,000.00
Total 3,416,442.13 2,940,165.92