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It all started in 2011, when Bharathy, the founder of Kshamata, was employed with an NGO educating sex workers on health. On a routine day at work, she was teaching Myriam, a woman engaged in the trade since her teens. Myriam was keenly listening to the tips to avoid contracting HIV and preventing fatal STDs. But something dawned upon her and she broke her silence.

“Didi, can you give me a new life?” Bharathy just stared back in amazement. She looked at this brave one. How would she help her out? She didn’t have the resources to. But she said it anyway, “I will.”


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Bharathy Tahiliani, Founder

Bharathy Tahiliani has worked with several leading HIV/AIDS and anti-human trafficking organisations over the past twelve years. She has held leadership positions in aftercare rehabilitation and reintegration for a number of years and has built teams, designed tailor-made rehabilitation >PROGRAMMES for various shelter homes in and around Mumbai and Thane and also coordinated the reintegration of survivors of human-trafficking. She has been instrumental in organizing and supporting rescue of over 400 women and girls from brothel areas. She has also been a consultant with Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission (MSRLM) on their pilot on anti-trafficking.

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Mona Almeida, Trustee

Mona Almeida, now a Trustee for the past three years, has become an integral part of Team Kshamata. She completed a Post Graduate Management Course on Development Management for NGOs, at the prestigious SP Jain College of Management, and now leads a team of dedicated professionals and volunteers aiming to bring about a change in the lives of the disadvantaged and vulnerable girls and women in the society.

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Ram Bhat, Trustee

Ram Bhat is an entrepreneur turned development professional, working with special focus on livelihoods. Ram has been actively involved in supporting economic empowerment of disadvantaged women, in terms of designing programme initiatives, training women as well as the resource teams, and in developing handholding and backstopping systems. He has worked extensively at the grassroots, with members of the Fair Trade Forum (India), and as a founder Director of Ascent (Asian Centre of Entrepreneurial Initiatives).

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Rajmohan NC, Trustee

Rajmohan NC is a Thane based entrepreneur with diverse business interests in Engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Consumer products. Having graduated in Science from Mumbai University, he has served the industry for over 22 years with experience of working with multinational companies and running his enterprises for more than 15 years. He employs more than 50 personnel. He is committed to working on social causes and has set out clear goals. He brings in managerial experience and a network of industrial contacts and more importantly the entrepreneurial approach in everything at Kshamata.


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Program Head - Ms. Pratishtha Kale

Ms. Pratishtha Kale is the >PROGRAMMES Head of Kshamata since November 2014. She previously worked as a Programme Officer at Knowledge Management Cell of Tata Institute of Social Sciences and The Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission (MSRLM). She worked as a Program Director at Apne Aap Women’s Collective. She started her career as a Medical Social Worker and an Assistant Community Manager at the Mumbai Maternal Nutrition Project-CSSC. Ms. Kale graduated from Mumbai University with a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce, and from the Nirmala Niketan, College of Social Work, Mumbai, with a Research Methodology certification and a Master's Degree in Social Work.

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Field Coordinator - Ms Pramila Sharma

Pramila has a degree in Bachelor of Social work. She has a rich experience of 20 years in the field of gender training and life skill education. Having herself been a victim if the patriarchal system, she believes and struggles to bring about a change in the way society looks at women.

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Centre-In-Charge & Field Coordinator – Ms. Manita Sharma

Manita has joined Kshamata in June, 2017 as a field coordinator and has been given a charge of Kshamata Transformation Centre as well. She has done her master’s in social work from SNDT College, Marine Lines.

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Counsellor – Ms. Rani Mathew

Ms. Rani Mathew joined Kshamata on 1st January, 2017 as a counsellor. Her journey from a computer programmer to a counsellor happened only because of her desire to work with people in need. She has worked with Sahara charitable trust, Association for Christian thoughtfulness (ACT) and Young men Christian association (YMCA) as a counsellor. She has done her graduation in Arts and has certification in TFCBT Web 6 Trauma focused cognitive behavioural therapy from Medical University of South Carolina.

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Production-In-Charge-Ms. Alisha Khan

Alisha has joined us as a tailoring staff in 2013 and today she is working in the capacity of Production In charge & external trainer. She started her career with a bakery shop where she worked for a year. But soon she realised she always had an inclination towards tailoring & design field. She completed her training in advanced tailoring from Women India Trust (WIT). She has a yearlong experience working with a boutique as well.

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Training Coordinator-Ms. Shabana Shaikh

Shabana has joined us as a Master trainer in 2016. She has given the charge of all three minor/observation homes we are engaged with. She is pursuing her bachelor’s studies in commerce from NIOS. She has completed her training in jewellery, bakery products and paper products. She aspires to complete her studies and set up a start up in near future.

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Master Trainer - Ms. Reshma Dive

Reshma joined us as a tailoring trainer in 2014. She has over twelve years’ teaching experience in tailoring and designing. She has a diploma in advanced tailoring and designs. As of now, she has trained more than hundred women at three different shelter homes.

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Head- Care & Support-Ms. Usha Donolikar

Ms. Usha Donolikar has worked for 20 years in the pharma industry. She started volunteering at Kshamata. She is a key functionary in her role as a Centre In charge. Her dedication and meticulous work is evidence of her great servant heart.

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Head-Social Enterprise-Ms. Yashodhara Bhide

Ms. Yashodhara Bhide, a homemaker has joined Kshamata in 2015 on a volunteer basis. The issue we work on motivated her to stand with us and contribute her time and effort. Yashodhara looks after care social enterprise activities at our Transformation Centre.

FCRA Donations

Kshamata FCRA Number:    083990245 dated 1 May 2015
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Kindled Spirit UK 682,950.00 1,179,140.00
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Small donations 24,240.40 1,000.00
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